14 December 2017

Roberto Diana

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  “I had the pleasure to start collaborate with MN Guitars¬† since 2008. Their first instrument I played was the ” Moona “, with which I recorded several albums that have greatly contributed to my artistic growth.
In 2009 we presented the newborn “Twilight – Roberto Diana Signature Guitar” at the
Namm Show in Anaheim (California), and from that moment he accompanied me on every tour in every part of the world where I had the pleasure of playing, from Europe to the States.
Together with the twilight the little N.E.T.H.O. Baritone Guitar and the Frank 8 Strings Guitar accompany me during the tours.

I will always thank Marcello and Francesca for their support and for the passion with which they carry on this art giving me the opportunity to express mine.

Roberto Diana

OFFICIAL WEB SITE: www.robertodiana.com

Roberto Diana Perform “Looking For” at Troubadour in London with Twilight – Roberto Diana Signature:

Roberto Diana Live in Studio with NETHO Baritone Guitar:

Roberto Diana Live with Frank 8 Stings Guitar: